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Sunflowers – The flower of the sun

Sunflowers – The flower of the sun

Sunflowers are a herbaceous plant native to Central and North America and are grown for oil purposes (to produce oil) and also ornamentals throughout the world.

Meanings of sunflowers.

The sunflower is symbolized by the sun, so much that in fact it carries half of its implied name. In addition to their colors reminiscent of the largest star, sunflowers present a very funny feature and that is that they turn to focus towards the sun and thus perform their nutrition processes.

Due to its vivid and contrasted colors it is a clear symbol of childhood, vitality and good energy.

Curiosities of sunflowers

There are several curiosities of sunflowers that we believe will leave them as hallucinated as we are.

1. When they grow, they stop spinning

2. Not all sunflowers are yellow

3. When sunflowers are old, their stems can be used to obtain cellulose and make paper

How to take care of sunflowers?

Good news!

Sunflowers are very easy to grow and care for. The sunflower is a very grateful flower. We just have to take into account some important things. First, we must remove the withered petals in an immediate way. Secondly, we should plant them in places where the sun gives them directly.

One thing that we must take into account is that the irrigation should not be too frequent or excessive. If we go over water, we will kill the sunflower easily. The most optimal thing is to water the sunflowers 20 days before and after its flowering. If the plants are outside and it has rained, you don't even need to worry, if not, just water them on these two occasions.